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Underwater NSR Repair


Light activated resins are the ideal solution to repairing leaks. Based on Department of Defense-sponsored research, NSR® light activated resins are designed to cure in any location or condition. The mechanism of cure is a specific wavelength of blue light. The wavelength is within the visible spectrum and is absolutely safe. Every repair kit includes a light source designed to emit this precise wavelength neccesary for activation. NSR® resins:

  • bond with composite materials, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, FRP, PVC, ABS, HDPE, wood, and concrete
  • cure in 30 seconds
  • provide denser repairs than air-cured resins because no mixing is required that might introduce air bubbles
  • cure in temperature beyond 28°F and 104°F, without impacting strength characteristics
  • cure in both wet and dry environments
  • are chemically resistant to industrial fluids
  • contain no organic solvents

NSR® light activated resins are revolutionizing pipe repair, saving our customers considerable time and money. Traditional pipe repair methods require long cure periods and have a more expensive cost per leak. Pipe wraps, air-cured putties and clamps are becoming tools of the past.

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